Evergreen (HK) PCB Ltd. corp

Our News  
  May, 2007  
  Impedance Control Instrument Installed  
  Jan, 2007  
  IECQ QC080000 Certified & Expanded the factory area of 15,000 sq. meter  
  Dec, 2006  
  More 2 Flying Probe Testing Machines installed  
  Nov, 2006  
  More 2 Routing Machines / 3 Drilling Machines installed  
  Apr, 2006  
  ISO/TS 16949:2002 Certified  
  Mar, 2006  
  Started Mass Production for Impedance Control PCBs.  
  Nov, 2005  
  Started Mass Production for Planar Power PCB (2Layers to 12Layers)  
  Oct, 2005  
  X-Ray Registration Instrument installed  
  Sept, 2005  
  2 Hitachi Drilling Machine installed  
  Jul, 2005  
  4 Drilling / Routing Machine installed  
  Jan, 2005  
  HASL Lead Free Production Line & Flying Probe Testing Machine installed  
  Jan, 2005
  DCR Meter for high current testing available  
  Sept, 2004  
  Immersion Tin Production Line installed  
  Jan, 2003  
  Blind / Buried Via Holes Multi layer PCBs technonlogy avaiable  
  Oct, 2002  
  QS9000 Certified and ISO 9001:2000 upgraded  
  Dec, 2001  
  Optek Measure Instrument installed  
  Aug, 2001
  Automatic Optical Inspection Machine (AOI) installed  
  Jan, 2001  
  Expand the production capacity to 400,000 sq. feet  
  Oct, 1997  
  ISO9002 Certified